ISO 9001 - Quality management

Through implementation of the requirements of ISO 9001, companies bring about the continuous improvement of their manufacturing processes and improve customer satisfaction in relation to the quality of products and/or services. ISO 9001is recognised as an international trademark the world over. Certification in accordance with this standard by an accredited organisation such as ESC Cert GmbH brings nothing but benefits to companies:

  • An independent review of the company's processes and their effectiveness by auditors with experience in the sector

  • Improvement of processes and their sequential steps by means of qualified assessments by ESC auditors

  • Continuous monitoring and promotion of improvement processes

  • Cost-effective certifications and personal care by ESC Cert GmbH

With the issuing of certificates with the accreditation mark, companies can demonstrate that their performance is consistent with international standards, which, through the satisfaction of customer demands, also contributes to the securing and expansion of markets and market share.

At the same time, companies are offered the opportunity to integrate quality, environmental and occupational safety and health management systems. By combining the various certification services of ESC Cert GmbH, integrated management systems can be certified in their entirety with less effort and expenditure. The combined assessment of integrated systems by qualified auditors significantly reduces the manpower requirements and costs of the company. Certification audits, monitoring audits, and the repeat audits that fall due every three years therefore can always take place at the same time for the above-mentioned standards.

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